Are You In Crisis?

If you are feeling hopeless, desperate, and alone right now –
Please Ask for Help!

You can do one of the following:

How do I know if I need help?

Are you?
  • feeling hopeless, desperate and alone
  • worried that you might hurt yourself or someone else
Have you?
  • created a plan including materials
  • hurt yourself or attempted suicide before

When you call 911:

  • tell them exactly where you are calling from
  • tell them what is going on
  • remember that you are doing the right thing by asking for help
  • remember that you are going to get through this

If you go to the ER:

  • professionals there will help to keep you safe while figuring out what resources you’re going to need and where to find them
  • you may have to wait to speak to a doctor but the nurse who you see first will ask you lots of questions about yourself and your history. This will help them understand what you are going through and how they can help you moving forward

What to expect when calling a crisis line:

  • support of your feelings and experience
  • help to calm you down
  • help you in understanding your situation and what your options are

How to wait for help safely:

  • have someone wait with you if possible
  • find some source of comfort in a pet, blanket, pillow or stuffed animal
  • get some things ready to take with you like your wallet and ID, wear comfortable clothing
  • if not at home, find a safe place to wait – a chair, a bench, and stay there
  • fidget with something if that makes you feel better
  • call a friend if you can
  • breathe—close your mouth, inhale through your nose and count to 4. Hold your breath and count to 7. Push all of the air out through your mouth and count to 8- do it again