What is it?

WES for Youth Online offers free, ongoing, one-on-one counselling support with a professional counsellor.

This is a self-referral service so that means you do not need to ask your parents for permission, talk to your guidance counsellor or get a Doctor’s note.

You can discuss any topic you wish with your counsellor. Common reasons youth reach out for counselling support include the following, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, peer relationships, concerns about the future, grief, loss, and trauma.

Our service is private and confidential. All of our counsellors have a Master’s degree, or equivalent education and experience, and are registered with their respective professional regulatory body.

At this time, we offer various different types of e-counseling services, all arranged through our WES for Youth Online portal:

  1. Email- to- email (asynchronous): your counsellor will communicate with you through your WES for Youth Online account, not through your personal email account. You will receive a notification in your personal email asking you to check your WES for Youth Online account. If you do not see an email in your inbox, check your JUNK MAIL.
  2. Live chat (a scheduled chat appointment with your counsellor – synchronous): You and your counsellor can communicate over text using our WES for Youth Online portal; we will not be able to chat with you through any other means (e.g. using cellphone SMS messaging). 
  3. Telephone (a scheduled chat appointment with your counsellor – synchronous): Counselling support can be provided over the phone at a pre-scheduled appointment time. 
  4. Video chat (a scheduled appointment with your counsellor – synchronous): All video-chats will be conducted through our WES for Youth Online portal; we will not be able to conduct video-conferencing with you on any other personal accounts/platform (e.g. personal Zoom accounts, GoogleMeet, etc.).

Please note, the format and date/time of your counselling sessions will be discussed and arranged directly between you and your counsellor based on mutual agreement. And remember – no issue is too small or unimportant to share with your counsellor – if it’s affecting you and you’d like to share it with someone who will understand, then e-counselling could be for you!

If you would like more information on how our free, private and confidential service works, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you are ready to connect with a counsellor, REGISTER HERE.

*Please note that WES for YOUTH ONLINE is not a Crisis Emergency Service.  If this is an emergency – please get help immediately. If you are thinking about suicide or harming yourself right now, or feeling unsafe/in danger from someone else:

If this is not an emergency, but you would still like to connect with someone as soon as possible, please visit HERE for a list of crisis support services available to you.