What is Legacy Giving?

A Legacy gift, also known as “planned giving”, is a gift made by an individual through a will or other formal designation such as art, insurance policies, estate gifts, and endowments. Generally, a legacy gift is arranged between a donor and their financial advisor, reflecting the donor’s values now and their dreams of the future. Legacy giving looks far beyond the now and focuses forward to ensure youth of the future continue to have access to mental health support.

Why Leave a Planned Gift?

WES for Youth Online’s long-term goal is to ensure that Ontario youth have access to sustainable, consistent mental health support for years to come. Our organization is unique in the non-profit sphere due to the ongoing nature of our e-counselling services. We are here to support youth for the long haul, we offer a dependable safe space for youth without any barriers to access. Legacy giving assists us in ensuring the security of our services and the future of our organization.

If you have not consulted a lawyer or financial advisor about your long term gift planning, it is never too late to start. Thank you for considering WES for Youth Online!

Donor Benefits:

Tax Deductions:

Donors are eligible for specific tax deductions with their donation.

Personal Values:

Legacy giving allows donors a unique opportunity to support a cause that is important to them and aligns with their values.

Philanthropic Legacy:

Donors leave a philanthropic legacy that not only impacts them and the organization but also the lives of youth.

For more information or questions regarding legacy giving please contact our Development Director, Emma Fryday.

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