In September 2011, our son Wes died by suicide. He was just 16 years old. Wes was a caring young man with a sensitive, generous, happy nature and an infectious smile that cheered and encouraged others. Neither his two brothers, nor we his parents, would ever have thought something like this could happen to him or to us.

Devastated, we asked ourselves how could this be? We found out the shocking truth that many of our youth are struggling with issues that are important to them; feeling alone and coping with little or no experience; feeling unable to ask teachers, coaches, peers, friends, parents or siblings for help. Why not? For fear that they may appear weak, laughed at, judged inadequate or unacceptable to those around them.

That is why we started WES for Youth Online – we want young people to know that it is O.K. to have problems and most importantly, that it is O.K. to ask for help.

Our hope is that WES for Youth Online – through our virtual counselling service and mental health resources – will promote Wellness and Emotional Support amongst young people, giving youth and their families across Ontario, access to the support  that they need when they reach out for help.

Jamie & Yolanda Cameron

Founders of WES for Youth Online