WFYO recognizes the evolving needs of Ontario’s youth and is taking proactive steps to address them. In 2024, we launched the “WES Crew,” a virtual youth advisory council comprising 12 members aged 16-24. This council provides invaluable insights into WFYO’s services, branding, and marketing, shaping our organization’s future while becoming advocates for mental health in their communities.

As WFYO ambassadors, WES Crew members boost awareness and understanding of our services. They undergo mental health first aid and suicide prevention training, empowering them to support peers experiencing mental health issues. Guided by a facilitator, they spearhead youth-led projects and events, amplifying WFYO’s reach.

Empowering Ontario’s youth to utilize their unique voices, perspectives and abilities to consult on WFYO’s services, and take action on current social issues by becoming ambassadors of mental health in their local communities through training, fundraising and participating.

Young people in Ontario have autonomy over their mental health care and are active members of their communities.

For all inquiries regarding the WES Crew, please contact our Youth & Community Engagement Coordinator, Emmaline at!