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A key aspect that makes WES for Youth Online unique is our commitment to ongoing counselling free of session limits. We know that the issues facing youth are complex and can take time to work through, many youth require continuous support and we are dedicated to providing this support for as long as youth may need. Often we have youth such as Kaylie (19) who began using our services for a few months in Grade 10. Now in her first year of college, she is facing new challenges so has come back to WFYO to seek support even years later.

Our commitment to our youth requires us to think into the future and ensure that our organization is secure for years to come so that we can ensure our promise to youth is fulfilled. Our monthly donors are the bedrock of this promise and they ensure WFYO has consistent financial support so that we in turn can be the consistency youth need.

Our Focus Forward Campaign

In honour of WFYO’s 10th anniversary, we are launching a redeveloped virtual service and brand new hybrid mobile app that makes counselling services more accessible to youth. Our redeveloped platform helped to inspire WFYO’s vision for the next decade. Our vision is all about focusing forward: meeting youth where they are and ensuring they can receive the support they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

Focusing forward also means ensuring the long-term success and readiness of our organization. Our long-term goal is to ensure that Ontario youth have access to sustainable, consistent mental health support for years to come. Monthly giving assists us in ensuring the security of our services and the future of our organization. When you join our Mental Wellness Circle, you provide reliable, monthly counselling to youth in Ontario. Joining our monthly giving program means assisting in reducing youth mental health waitlists across the province.

Our Focus Forward campaign has a goal to raise $320,000 in order to fund 2000 hours of counselling for youth.

Thank You to Our Current Monthly Donors

  • Tim & Jen Heerema
  • Scott Kittel
  • Sharon Sewers
  • Judy Sloan
  • Jacque Empson-Laporte

For more information or questions regarding our monthly donor program please contact our Development Director, Emma Martin.

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